Blogging 101 Day #1

Sometimes you just read a blog and think, ‘I would really like to know more’. So I hope to find out more 🙂

The Wanderlust Genealogist

Hello Everyone.

My Name is Reyna – Super nice to meet everyone!! The kids October 2015First off this my first time every using WordPress.  I have been using google blogger and it is nice and easy to use.  Just wanted to try something different and then I found this course and was even more excited.  So I will use this blog as my journal of assignments to learn all about WordPress and blogging!!

Second I am an almost 40 year old, stay at home mom of 4 kids.  I love them to the moon and back.  I am not going to say they are perfect or angels.  They are kids and they misbehave and have issues in school.  They are the calmest kids in the world I swear.  I have 2 boys and 2 girls.  Both my boys have been diagnosed with Asperger’s and my younger son also had ADD.  I keep pretty…

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Round and round go the cycles of fashion

A slow time at our latest ‘pop up attendance’ at a local fair so decided to make the most efficient use of time – an opportunity to add to the blog. And……. writer`s block.

So update on our training regime for Connie. It has come to a massive full stop. As feared the tremendous amount of treats in a small amount of time has hit her digestive system and the following morning, well won`t go into details but a rethink is needed. So the weekend is a no no – Connie needs to recuperate and to be honest is Fireworks Weekend a great time to start training when all you want to do is keep them warm and reduce their anxiety.

One observation from today`s fair is that despite all the publicity about sugar, chocolate, children`s diets, the stall that is busiest is the sweet/chocolate stall. No judgement, just a statement.

On another stall brooches are going well, another cycle of the fashion world. It was lovely to hear an adult daughter chatting with her mother that all the women in the family should agree to wear a brooch for Christmas lunch to make them feel ‘properly dressed up’.

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Tricks for treats

I cannot believe how many treats I have given our rescue dog in 1 hour. She has just started her training, and the trainer said to bring plenty of treats. I thought I had but we ran out half way through.

phone photos 157

Connie our wonderful rescue dog – beautiful but not obviously too bright – or so I thought.

Suddenly I saw our beautiful but not overly bright rescue dog perform a series of ‘tricks’ all for sake of treat after treat after treat. Every 3 or 4 steps that she walked by my side and looked at me adoringly she was to get a treat. Well she does ‘adoringly’ like a true expert especially when she has done something wrong. But walking by my side was a vast improvement.

Yes, in a way, she is having to work for the treats but I hadn`t realised how much I would have to work. Only one word to praise her – could be banana, yes, good but not good girl. Hold the lead in one hand, feed her treats from the other one. What am I supposed to do with number 2 dog plus the one, two or three poo bags I may have at any one time. If she pulls, stop, maybe turn round and go the other way. I can just see Elmo`s reaction – you`ve got to be joking.

phone photos 268

So let`s get this right. We go for a walk, she starts pulling and we all have to turn round? Nope! Staying here.

So typical, we are now home, it`s raining and no amount of treats will get Connie out to see if either of us have remembered what we`ve learnt. Whatever happens, once we do get out she`ll get plenty of treats to see if the training does work. So perhaps she is both bright and beautiful.

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On Making Lemonade and Major Life Decisions

I can think of a couple of people who would appreciate this – especially that last sentence. So it`s certainly worth reblogging

Mild Expectations

Up to this point, I’ve been posting using another blog that I started a while back. I’m not going to import all the content from that blog because I’d like to start fresh, but this one is rather pertinent to understanding where I am today and how I got here so I thought I’d share it again.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But when you’ve been making vat after vat of lemonade, it’s time to ask: Why are there so many lemons here?

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Sunroom Bench Makeover

I`m looking to improve my blog and working through Blog101. Today`s exercise was to find other blogs to follow. Loved this one immediately.

The Chelsea Project

Once a month, a group of bloggers, usually around 15 to 20, are challenged to refinish a piece of furniture according to a theme.  This particular group uses the hashtag #furnitureREFRESH.

Sunroom Bench Makeover - Chalkpaint plus five different fabrics breathe life back into this weathered bench.

This month’s theme is “weathered.”  And, just between you and me, I wasn’t really sure if that meant weathered from being outside or weathered from using a specific painting technique.  LOL.

Sunroom Bench Makeover - Chalkpaint plus slip-covered cushions make the weathered bench inviting again.

Turns out, it really didn’t matter.  Luckily, I found a garden bench that had been ignored forgotten about right in my own back yard.  It had been painted years and years ago, but lost to any kind of use.  To say the harsh outdoor conditions had taken a toll is an understatement.  When we dragged it indoors to begin the refresh, I really couldn’t tell what the true color was.

Sunroom Bench Makeover - This bench was recovered from a life in the outdoors. It wasn't obvious how weathered and covered in mold it was until it was closely examined.

The bench was totally covered in green and black mold.  Ugh.   But, the wood looked like it…

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A blog full of quirky and sometimes personal reflections

Today I changed my strapline to reflect what I wanted to include in my blog, and I mentioned it would include some personal ‘stuff’ because independent businesses are run by people/individuals not numbers.

Today I also wrote about one of the local craftspeople we support Bagsy This.

Today my daughter was also writing her blog….. in Uganda…. about entrepreneurs she is working with out there.

Spooky…. Like mother like daughter….. Life….. Who knows.

Anyway it gives me an opportunity to promote her blog too

Hope you get chance to read it.

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Bagsy This

TWIG supports local crafts people and one of the first to walk into the TWIG shop was Bagsy This, or Baglady as she comes up on my phone. Despite being a retired school teacher she is lovely :-). I can imagine when she gets older she will be known as a lady who grew old disgracefully.

Her bags are of a really high quality and she uses gorgeous material from old curtains and cushions. And all the bags are gloriously unique – just like the bag lady.

Sparkly shoulder bagfloral shoulder bagShoulder bags hanging

It`s the big bags that get the most attention, and the oohs and ahhhs.

big bag gold patched big bag

And for as long as we can, we`ll keep promoting and supporting Bagsy This (or the Bag Lady)

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